Ecological Dynamics

About us

Our research is focused on understanding ecological dynamics in time and space, at different levels of biological organization, from individuals to communities, and across gradients of human altered environments. Our ultimate goal is to predict the future viability of wildlife populations and species faced with accelerating environmental change in the anthropocene and to improve landscape scale planning for conservation.

More specifically, we investigate how the fitness consequences of processes acting at the individual level, such as social behaviour or movements, competition, predator-prey or host-pathogen interactions shape population and community dynamics. Importantly, we also study the potential evolutionary consequences of such dynamics.

Our expertise and collaborations contribute to the Thematic Research Group Concepts and Computation in Ecology and Evolution C2E2, as well as the Departments of Evolutionary Ecology, Evolutionary Genetics, Wildlife Diseases and Reproduction Biology. By developing and using a wide range of modern field techniques, lab analytical methods and especially dynamic and simulation modelling, we aim to advance theory and concepts in ecology and evolution, and to promote the development of computational and analytical toolkits. 

Further details on our group you will find here.