• Multiple births in Homo sapiens - Disentangling stable and dynamic heterogeneity

Historical demographic data from Homo sapiens (across several European countries) are used to generate life-history simulations that enable the disentanglement of between- and within-individual variation in demographic life-history traits.

Project team:
Former team members:
Dr. Ian Rickard (Guest Scientist, Durham University UK)
  • Gradual environmental change versus Single catastrophe-Identifying drivers of mammalian evolution

By combining climate reconstructions, molecular genetic data and species distribution data from the Late Pleistocene (126-13.7 thousand years ago) to the present we evaluate the impact of two key drivers shaping mammalian diversity in a Southeast Asian biodiversity hotspot, the Sunda Shelf.

Funded by the Leibniz-Association (Leibniz Competitive Fund IZW-2-2013 (Leibniz, 2013-2016)


Project team:
Former team members:
Dr. Renata Martins
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