Mitarbeiter / Staff member


Daniel Förster, PH.D

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Scientist

Evolutionsgenetik / Evolutionary Genetics

Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW)
im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
Alfred-Kowalke-Straße 17
10315 Berlin

Tel:       0049 (0) 30 5168 311
Curriculum Vitae
Forschungsschwerpunkte / Research Foci
  • Genome evolution, molecular ecology & conservation
  • Genomics and other high-throughput approaches to investigate speciation and hybridization, the impact of chromosomal rearrangements, historical demography and admixture, taxonomic questions, and adaptation
  • Diverse range of study species, including felids, canids, ursids, ungulates, rodents, and amphibians; it includes species that are now extinct, such as sabre-toothed cats, and museum specimens to include data about populations that are now extinct in the wild
Publikationen / Publications
Selected research publications:
H Bayerl, RHS Kraus, C Nowak, DW Förster, J Fickel, R Kuehn (2017) Fast and cost-effective single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection in the absence of a reference genome using semideep next generation Random Amplicon Sequencing (RAMseq). Molecular Ecology Resources 18: 107-117.
RP Patel,D Lenz, AC Kitchener, J Fickel, DW Förster, A Wilting (2017) Threatened but understudied – supporting conservation by understanding the genetic structure of the flat-headed cat. Conservation Genetics 18: 1423-1433.
RP Patel, S Wutke, D Lenz, S Mukherjee, U Ramakrishnan, G Veron, J Fickel, A Wilting, DW Förster (2017): Genetic structure and phylogeography of the Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) inferred from mitochondrial genomes. Journal of Heredity 108: 349-360.
RF Martins, J Fickel, M Le, T Nguyen, HM Nguyen, R Timmins, HM Gan, JJ Rovie-Ryan, D Lenz, DW Förster, A Wilting (2017): Phylogeography of red muntjacs reveals three distinct mitochondrial lineages. BMC Evolutionary Biology 17:34.
MD Giménez, DW Förster, EP Jones, F Jóhannesdóttir, SI Gabriel, T Panithanarak, M Scascitelli, V Merico, S Garagna, JB Searle, HC Hauffe (2017): A half-century of studies on a chromosomal hybrid zone of the house mouse. Journal of Heredity 108: 25-35.
A Wilting, RP Patel, H Pfestorf, C Kern, K Sultan, A Ario, F Penaloza, S Kramer-Schadt, V Radchuk, DW Förster, J Fickel (2016): Evolutionary history and conservation significance of the Javan leopard Panthera pardus melas. Journal of Zoology 299: 239-250.
JK Bull, M Heurich, AP Saveljev, K Schmidt, J Fickel, DW Förster (2016): The effect of reintroductions on the genetic variability in Eurasian lynx populations: the cases of Bohemian–Bavarian and Vosges–Palatinian populations. Conservation Genetics 17: 1229-1234.
RP Patel, DW Förster, AC Kitchener, MD Rayan, SW Mohamed, L Werner, D Lenz, H Pfestorf, S Kramer-Schadt, V Radchuk, J Fickel, A Wilting (2016): Two species of Southeast Asian cats in the genus Catopuma with diverging histories: an island endemic forest specialist and a widespread habitat generalist. Royal Society Open Science 3: 160350
DW Förster, EP Jones, F Jóhannesdóttir, SI Gabriel, MD Giménez, T Panithanarak, HC Hauffe, JB Searle (2016): Genetic differentiation within and away from the chromosomal rearrangements characterising hybridising chromosomal races of the western house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus). Chromosome Research 24: 271-280.
JP Didion, AP Morgan, L Yadgary, TA Bell, RC McMullan, LO Solorzano, J Britton-Davidian, CJ Bult, KJ Campbell, R Castiglia, YH Ching, AJ Chunco, JJ Crowley, EJ Chesler, DW Förster, JE French, SI Gabriel, DM Gatti, T Garland, EB Giagia-Athanasopoulou, MD Giménez, SA Grize, İ Gündüz, A Holmes, HC Hauffe, JS Herman, JM Holt, K Hua, WJ Jolley, AK Lindholm, MJ López-Fuster, G Mitsainas, ML Mathias, L McMillan, MG Ramalhinho, B Rehermann, SP Rosshart, JB Searle, MS Shiao, E Solano, KL Svenson, P Thomas-Laemont, DW Threadgill, J Ventura, GM Weinstock, D Pomp, GA Churchill, F Pardo-Manuel de Villena (2016): R2d2 drives selfish sweeps in the house mouse. Molecular Biology and Evolution 33: 1381-1395.
JLA Paijmans, J Fickel, A Courtiol, M Hofreiter, DW Förster (2016): Impact of enrichment conditions on cross‐species capture of fresh and degraded DNA. Molecular Ecology Resources 16: 42-55.
RHS Kraus, B VonHoldt, B Cocchiararo, V Harms, H Bayerl, R Kühn, DW Förster, J Fickel, C Roos, C Nowak (2015): A single‐nucleotide polymorphism‐based approach for rapid and cost‐effective genetic wolf monitoring in Europe based on noninvasively collected samples. Molecular Ecology Resources 15: 295-305.