Dr. Daniel Förster


Head of Carnivore Conservation Genomics 
External position: Associate Editor, BMC Genetics

Department of Evolutionary Genetics


Tel: 0049 (0) 30 5168 - 311

Short curriculum vitae

Daniel completed his PhD in Molecular Evolution at the University of York, UK, in 2008, after which he undertook postdoctoral studies on the impact of genomic rearrangements on genetic differentiation in wild populations (until 2011). He then came to the IZW to develop and apply high throughput methods for genetic monitoring of European carnivores. Since 2018 he is a staff scientist and head of ‘Conservation Genomics’ at the IZW.
Research interests
  • Genome evolution, molecular ecology & conservation
  • Employs various types of sample material for genetic analyses, including ancient and archival samples, a range of non-invasively collected material (e.g. hair, faeces, urine), as well as environmental DNA sources (e.g. waterholes)
  • Study species include felids, canids, ursids, mustelids, ungulates, rodents, and amphibians; it includes extinct species, such as sabre-toothed cats, and museum specimens to include data about populations that are now extinct in the wild
Selected publications
Derežanin L, Fickel J, Förster DW (2020): The complete mitochondrial genome of the meerkat (Suricata suricatta) and its phylogenetic relationship with other feliform species. MITOCHOND DNA Part B5, 1100-1101.
Kunde MN, Martins RF, Premier J, Fickel J, Förster DW (2020): Population and landscape genetic analysis of the Malayan sun bear Helarctos malayanus. CONSERV GENET 21, 123-135.
Martins RF, Kampmann ML, Förster DW (2019): Sequencing Library Preparation from Degraded Samples for Non-illumina Sequencing Platforsms. In: Ancient DNA: Methods and Protocols (Second Edition). Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1963. Shapiro B, Hofreiter M, Soares AER, Heintzman P, Paijmans JLA, Barlow A (eds). Human Press, USA, 85-92. 
Mengüllüoğlu D, Fickel J, Hofer H, Förster DW (2019): Non-invasive faecal sampling reveals spatial organization and improves measures of genetic diversity for the conservation assessment of territorial species: Caucasian lynx as a case species. PLOS ONE 14(5), e0216549.
Paijmans JLA, Fortes GG, Förster DW (2019): Appication of solid-state capture for the retrieval of small-to-medium sized target loci from ancient DNA. In: Ancient DNA: Methods and Protocols (Second Edition). Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1963. Shapiro B, Hofreiter M, Soares AER, Heintzman P, Paijmans JLA, Barlow A (eds). Human Press, USA, 129-139.
Seeber PA, McEwen GK, Löber U, Förster DW, East ML, Melzheimer J, Greenwood AD (2019): Terrestrial mammal surveillance using hybridization capture of environmental DNA from African waterholes. MOL ECOL RESOUR 19(6), 1486-1496 .
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Giménez MD, Förster DW, Jones EP, Jóhannesdóttir F, Gabriel SI, Panithanarak T, Scascitelli M, Merico V, Garagna S, Searle JB, Hauffe HC (2017): A half-century of studies on a chromosomal hybrid zone of the house mouse. J HERED 108(1), 25-35.
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Last updated on June, 2 2020.