Meeting on evidence-based conservation in bats

The “Meeting on Evidence-based Conservation in Bats” (“Evidenzbasierter Fledermausschutz”) was founded in 2018 and is organised by the Leibniz-IZW together with the Federal Association for Bat Studies Germany and the NABU Federal Committee on Bats. The conference is addressed to bat experts, volunteers, authority representatives and scientists, whose common goal is to make bat conservation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland more effective and efficient. Evidence-based conservation means conservation based on scientific knowledge and methods. The core of such evidence-based species conservation is to present new scientific findings and to place them in the context of current conservation efforts in order to adequately assess the conservation status of a species and to identify effective conservation measures in an open dialogue with politics and the society.

The conference is generally held in German. Please refer to the German website.


Upcoming events:

Currently no scheduled events.


Past events:

Evidenzbasierter Fledermausschutz bei Windkraftvorhaben (Evidence-based Conservation in Bats in the Context of Wind Energy Projects, 29th – 31st March 2019, Berlin, Germany)

Programme and Conference Proceedings 2019 for Download (in German) (2,1 MB)


Evidenzbasierter Fledermausschutz: Was funktioniert wie, wo und warum, und welche Wissenslücken bestehen? (Evidence-based Conservation in Bats: What works how, where and why and what knowledge gaps do exist? 17th – 18th March 2018, Berlin, Germany)

Programme and Conference Proceedings 2018 for Download (in German) (3 MB)