Not peer reviewed publications

Al-khlifeh E, Balard A, Jarquín-Díaz VH, Weyrich A, Wibbelt G, Heitlinger E(2019): Eimeria falciformis BayerHaberkorn1970 and novel wild derived isolates from house mice: differences in parasite lifecycle, pathogenicity and host immune reactions. Biorxiv, pre-print
Vilaca ST, Lima CS, Mazzoni CJ, Santos FR, de Thoisy B (2019): Manatee genomics supports a special conservation area in the Guianas coastline under the influence of the Amazon River plume.Biorxiv, pre-print.
Publications highlighted in light blue have been generated in collaboration with other IZW departments (the authors' names are underlined).

Last updated on August 8, 2019