5th  IZW - PhD Student Symposium on

“Science is also yours: working & communicating with the public”

26th & 27th September 2019

On behalf of the Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin we wish to extend you a cordial invitation to participate in the 5th Leibniz PhD Symposium on the 26th and 27th September 2019. PhD students from other research institutes are also welcome to contribute with a poster or an oral presentation.

This symposium aims to bring together PhD students from different research disciplines with interest in life sciences in an informal setting. It is organized by the PhD students of the IZW, and will provide the opportunity to communicate your research in a less official but highly motivated mainly student audience.

Get the chance to achieve professional communication skills! Exchange yourself with colleagues and external experts about current research topics, discuss your ideas, meet new collaborators and get feedback on your work and your presentation! Create interdisciplinary networks for cooperative science!

Participating to this symposium will give you the right to a certificate of attendance.



Scientific results and findings should be reserved not only for researchers, but for all interested citizens. The prerequisite for this is that scientists share their results with the public in an interesting and informative way.

With our symposium we want to bring young researchers and experts together and promote the ability of doctoral students to communicate their work. We thus offer doctoral students from different fields the opportunity to obtain advice and suggestions on how to communicate scientific content and to exchange ideas with other doctoral students on this topic. 

The symposium will consist of four sessions, each will start with a keynote lecture by experts:

  1.  Science Communication by Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Peters,
  2.  Journalism and Media by Diana Kwon,
  3.  Scientific results and what happens to them in the realm of politics & policies (and stakeholders) by Ana Colovic Lesoska,
  4.  Citizen Science by Anke Schumann,

followed by presentations by PhD students.

The participants should present their research to other PhD students through a lecture or a poster. More available information about abstract submission here.

More information about the sessions here.



There will also be three workshops at the end of the first day.

  1.  Social media. Organised by Arjun Dheer (PhD student, IZW Berlin, Germany). The aim to teach how to use social media (e.g. Twitter, Instagram) to advertise your research.
  2.  Speaking on the box: how to explain your research to the public without a computer. Organised by Dr. Caroline Doran & Betty Noriega-Ortega (IGB, Berlin, Germany). Give advice about how to engage with the general public and effectively communicate your research using alternative resources other than electronics.
  3.  Data visualization, organised by Cédric Scherer  (PostDoc, IZW Berlin, Germany).  How to visually display and communicate scientific findings via charts, tables, and other accessible ways. 



To have more information about registration and register click here !

If you want to present your research either in a talk or a poster, you can find the guidelines here!

If your research fits in one of the topics of the symposium, would be nice to present how you deal with this aspect.