Oral presentations

You can download the detailed schedule with all oral presentations here:

The length of presentation and minutes for introduction and questions per speaker are indicated in the red line of each session. Please note that the length of presentations varies from session to session. Some presentations are scheduled 8 minutes, some 10 and others 12 minutes. The session chairs will ensure that presentations are strictly limited to the time they have been allocated.

Instructions to presenters

Speakers are required to submit a copy of their presentation using Power Point software in a PC or MAC-compatible format on a jump drive at the time of registration. Speakers will NOT be given registration packets until presentations are submitted.

Submissions will be collected prior to the start of the conference in order to allow adequate time to load all presentations onto the conference computer and ensure that they are running satisfactorily. Any questions should be addressed to the session chairperson.

  1. Jump drives have to be submitted to the Conference Program Coordinator at time of conference registration. All presenters are asked to hand in their jump drive at the registration desk upon their arrival.
  2. Presentations should be submitted as jump drive using Power Point software in a PC or MAC-compatible format. A PC-compatible format is preferred.
  3. Jump drives should be labeled with the presenter’s name, title, and session.
  4. Jump drives will generally be returned at the break after the session is completed. Otherwise, presenters can pick up their jump drives at the registration desk after giving their presentation.
  5. Video clips should be embedded into the Power Point presentation and kept to a minimum size, if used at all. The video clip should also be saved in the same folder as the presentation. Session and conference chairpersons should be notified in advance that a presentation contains video, so they can check to ensure that the conference computer will support this.

For technical reasons, individual laptops will only be hooked up to the projector in rare exceptions after prior agreement with the organisers.

You can download these instructions as well as some tips on preparing a talk here.

Poster presentations

Poster Session Guidelines - Display Format and Logistics

Title:  The title should be brief and descriptive, and should appear at the top of the display.

Authors:  The author(s)' name(s), institutional affiliation(s), and mailing address(es) should appear in the space below the title.

Layout:  Arrange the material in your poster display in columns rather than rows.  This arrangement facilitates scanning of your poster, rather than necessitating "zigzagging" in front of the display.  The body of the poster should be divided into appropriate sections with accompanying titles (e.g. Introduction, Methods, Summary, Conclusions, etc.).  Place the Introduction section in the upper left-hand corner, and the Summary and/or Conclusions section in the lower right-hand corner.

Type Size:  Use large-size lettering for the main title (approximately 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inch equivalent to 90 to 110 point font).  Use smaller-size lettering for subtitles (approximately ½ - ¾ inch or 48 - 54 points).  Body-text type-size should be at least ¼ inch or 18 points.

References:  References should follow the Guidelines listed in the "Instructions to Authors" listed in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine.(

Poster Size LimitPoster format portrait, max. 84 cm width x 118.9 cm height (DIN A0).
Make sure that your poster does not exceed this size format; otherwise it will not fit onto the poster boards at the conference! Please note that the size format is different than the US size format!

Images:  Make sure image resolution is set to at least 300 dpi to ensure sharp images.

Production and Display:  Posters are displayed in the conference centre and can be viewed at all times. They are arranged alphabetically.You will be assigned a location on a display board to hang your poster. Space will be limited! Posters that are larger than 118.9 cm high and 84 cm wide will not fit onto the boards and may not be allowed to be displayed.
Posters should be prepared in advance and should be ready for mounting on the display board upon your arrival. Make sure that your poster is lightweight but sturdy enough that it can be securely tacked to a display board. Thumbtacks will be provided.

AssemblyPoster mounting starts on Sunday, October 7, at 14:00. Participants should place their poster(s) on their allotted poster board(s) upon their arrival at the conference, immediately after registration. If you cannot attend the conference and/or if someone else is going to hang your poster on your behalf, please inform your poster session chair.

Participation:  Please be available at your poster during the specified breaks and/or the Poster and Pasta Party to answer questions about your poster.

Breakdown:  Posters should be removed by Thursday, October 11, 20:00. All posters not removed by this time will be disposed of.

You can download these guidelines as well as some tips on creating a poster here.