IZW Services

The IZW offers its expertise and methodological competence to external partners from science, industry, conservation and the zoo community through a broad spectrum of research-oriented services. We are strongly committed to developing new and improving existing methods for wildlife research. In this way, state-of-the-art methods and techniques employed for the IZW services are constantly advanced and complemented with novel approaches arising from the results of the institutes research.

The services provided include wildlife pathology, disease diagnostics, evaluation of reproductive status in wildlife, nutrient analyses, hormone analyses, genetic and forensic services, electron microscopy, stable isotope analyses, computed tomography and welfare veterinary services. The services are supported by the institute’s central collections: the pathological-anatomical reference collection “PARS”, the image and video archive, the genome resource bank “Arche” and the morphological collection.

In order to ensure high quality, consistency and reliability of the results of the services rendered, all research-oriented services provided by the IZW are subject to quality management. In following sections, a pdf document is provided for each service area that describes the types of analyses and services offered, procedures and timelines, requirements for sampling and appropriate treatment of samples, as well as the quality management measures in place for each area of service. Should you have any questions, please refer to the contact person(s) given. Our scientists will also be happy to assist you in finding innovative and creative solutions to difficult, unusual problems or specific issues. The IZW is strongly committed to perpetual improvement and refinement of its services and will continue to be a competent and reliable partner for services in the field of wildlife research.