3rd International Summer School on Stable Isotopes in Animal Ecology

When: 10. - 14. September 2018

Where: Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin (IZW), Germany

Costs: 360€

(includes access to 5 days of lectures and practical course work; includes also lectures (as pdf), coffee breaks, BBQ)


-> Stable nitrogen and carbon isotope ratios as markers for animal diets and trophic positions
-> Analyses of stable hydrogen isotope ratios for the study of animal migration (includes application of isoscape origin models)
-> Use of labeled compounds in eco-physiological studies
-> Use of multiple isotopes in the study of food webs and trophic interactions
-> Use of stable isotope approaches in paleo climate reconstructions
Students will be involved in all aspects of sample preparation and analysis as well as data interpretation. Used instruments include conventional gas mass spectrometers (Thermo) and laser spectroscopes (LGS, Picarro)

External Lecturers: 

Prof. Dr. Keith Hobson (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Prof. Dr. Gabe Bowen (University of Salt Lake City, U.S.A.)

Prof. Dr. Arthur Geßler (Birmersdorf, Switzerland)

Dr. Len Wassenaar (IAEA, Vienna, Austria)

Prof. Dr. Stuart Bearhop (University of Exeter, U.K.)

Prof. Dr. Jonathan Grey (University of Lancaster, U.K.) to be confirmed

Prof. Dr. Thomas Tuetken (Universität Mainz)


Cesie lecturers:

PD Dr. Christian Voigt (IZW)

Dr. Alexandre Courtiol (IZW)


We recommend to book a room in the nearby hotel hotel "Abacus" (click here) for 80 € / night, including breakfast. Please indicate the keyword "Isotopes" when you make your reservation.

The minimum number of participants was reached (July 9th 2018).