Sessions & workshops

An introduction to the ctmmweb R package for movement analysis

Hands-on workshop organized by
Dr. Justin Calabrese (Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, USA)

Modern, high-resolution animal tracking datasets are both increasingly available and invariably autocorrelated. Continuous-time movement models can naturally accommodate the rich autocorrelation structure of such datasets, and thus provide a solid foundation for model-based statistical inference. Until recently, however, these methods have been relatively inaccessible to practicing ecologists due their highly technical nature. In this workshop, I will introduce the ctmmweb movement analysis package, which allows users to perform a suite of sophisticated analyses based on continuous-time movement models via a point-and-click graphical user interface. ctmmweb can either be used as a cloud-hosted webapp, or can be installed locally on a user's computer. I will walk participants through a detailed analysis including variograms and visual diagnostics, properly accounting for telemetry error, movement model fitting and selection, autocorrelated kernel density home range estimation, home range overlap analysis, occurrence distribution estimation and path reconstruction, and scale-free estimation of speed and distance traveled. I will conclude by demonstrating how ctmmweb can record analysis sessions to facilitate reproducible research, and can also produce publication quality graphics.