Das Leibniz-Institut für Zoo-und Wildtierforschung veranstaltet regelmäßig wissenschaftliche Vorträge zu verschiedenen Themen, in denen eingeladene Rednerinnen und Redner oder IZW-Wissenschaftlerinnen und IZW-Wissenschaftler ihre Arbeit in Form eines Vortrags vorstellen. Die kostenfreien Veranstaltungen finden im Hörsaal des IZW statt und werden auch live per Video übertragen.
Interessierte Personen sind herzlich eingeladen die Leibniz-IZW-Kolloquien persönlich oder online zu besuchen. Sie können sich gerne unter izwseminar@izw-berlin.de für unseren Newsletter anmelden. Die Vorträge werden größtenteils auf Englisch gehalten.

Kommende Veranstaltungen

09.07.2024, 13 Uhr (Dienstag, außerplanmäßig)
Dr. Joanna Sumner (Museums Victoria Research Institute, Melbourne)
Museum BioBanks play a vital role in the conservation of wildlife
Natural history collections house a vast record of our planet’s biodiversity that allow us to determine the rich genetic variation in wildlife, but do not preserve it in living form.
Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, is developing protocols that enable the routine collection and cryopreservation of living cells from animals. We have successfully cryopreserved live cells from amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals using low-invasive sampling methods to obtain ear snips, toe snips, and hair from wild caught and released animals as well as sampling from salvaged/deceased animals. Primary cell cultures are available to researchers for use in ART research, to assess genetic diversity for conservation programs, and to produce high molecular weight DNA for whole genome sequencing.

10.07.2024, 13 Uhr
Dr. André Lampe (Laser physicist, moderator, science communicator)
Better formats for scientific conferences
"Talk, Q&A, talk, Q&A, coffe..." in quick succession is a well known format for scientific conferences, even though it is not a good format to start discussions, not efficient in transporting knowledge and not optimal to progress a community in a certain field of research. But we as scientists tend to stick to it, because often it is good enough - or we do not know how to make it better (and not worse). In this talk I will give you an overview of different ideas for conference formats, like world cafés, fishbow discussions, science slams, speed dating and other formats, how to use them efficiently, how to fit them in and which pitfalls to avoid. I will make it short, under 30 min., so we have enough time for discussion.



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