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Shauna Kehoe is a PhD student in the Department of Reproduction Biology. In 2014, she graduated from the National University of Ireland, Galway after studying a BSc in Biotechnology. She obtained her MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences from Utrecht University, The Netherlands in 2018. During this time she carried out two major research projects entitled ‘Expanding the knowledge of functional extracellular vesicle transfer: Perspective of the Cre-LoxP system’, at Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht and ‘Investigating the role of actomyosin in nuclear deformation during zebra fish embryonic cardiogenesis’, MDC, Berlin. While studying in Berlin she became interested in applying her background to new research competences. In 2018, she began her doctoral studies at the IZW focussing her past skills and knowledge in the field of reproduction biology. Her current project involves the application of RNA-sequencing in order to elucidate gene expression dynamics involved in early folliculogenesis in the domestic cat. This work will be utilised as a foundational reference to better understand female felid folliculogenesis. Furthermore, it will function as a tool to optimise established techniques in the lab to meet with the over-arching goal to improve in-vitro-maturation and subsequent fertilisation of mammalian oocytes.

- Molecular biology of reproduction,

- Molecular genetics,

- Functional genomics,

- Proteomics,

- High-  dimensional data analysis,

- Data science,

- Conservation biology and conservation genomics