6th International Berlin Bat Meeting: The human perspective on bats

22nd – 24th March 2021


The 6th International Berlin Bat Meeting is over.

We would like to thank all attendees, especially the presenting authors, for their participation in the 6th International Berlin Bat Meeting. A special thanks to all keynote speakers for their wonderful lectures.

We are happy to announce the winners of the T.H. Kunz student competition for the best oral and best poster presentations:

The award for the best oral presentation (kindly sponsored by Apodemus Field Equipment) goes to: 
Vanessa Gorecki: Roosting in road culverts: roost selection, roost availability and gene flow in a culvert roosting population of a trawling bat, the large-footed Myotis (Myotis macropus).

The award for the second best oral presentation (kindly sponsored by Wildlife Acoustics) goes to:
Domhnall Finch: Assessing the impact of barriers to species movement at a landscape scale.

The award for the third best oral presentation (kindly sponsored by NHBS) goes to:
Kseniia Kravchenko: Migratory behaviour and demographic structure of bats under distribution shift.

The award for the best poster presentation (kindly sponsored by Elekon) goes to:
Kieran O'Malley: The use of acoustic monitoring as a means to detect the presence of colonies of the barbastelle bat (Barbastella barbastellus) within woodlands.

The award for the second best poster presentation (kindly sponsored by EcoObs) goes to:
Anna Blomberg: Winter activity of boreal bats in the Palearctic.

The award for the third best poster presentation (kindly sponsored by NHBS) goes to:
Zuzanna Hałat: Male parti-coloured bats roost and forage in the human-influenced parts of the Białowieża Forest landscape.

We applaud and congratulate all students for their excellent presentations.

We hope to see you back for the next International Berlin Bat Meeting,
Christian Voigt & Tanja Straka

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