Openness, tolerance and respect are the indispensable basis of the diversity lived at Leibniz-IZW. Diversity and giving space to for a variety of voices creates innovation and means equal opportunities.

One of the research foci of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research is the study of biological diversity. However, we can only achieve this and our other research goals by also promoting the diversity of our staff and giving all people the same opportunities, regardless of nationality, gender, geographies, age, religion or sexual orientation. Currently, employees from 35 different countries work at the Leibniz-IZW (as of Dec. 2020). Not only do we conduct international and interdisciplinary research together, but also different generations, cultures, religions and ideologies come into contact, exchange ideas and share their experiences, talents and skills. We consider our staff’s diversity to be our strength because it is an important source of new ideas and creative solutions in our research.

Leibniz-IZW promotes diversity in the workplace and as a member of the Charta der Vielfalt, the Leibniz-IZW is committed to the six principles of the Diversity Charter. We are committed to working together in a partnership spirit and have anchored this in a company agreement on partnership based fair conduct at work. Our goal is to counteract any form of discrimination or prejudice, and treating each other with the utmost respect is part of our working philosophy.

It is of great importance to the Leibniz-IZW to create a barrier-free environment, physical or otherwise, for all employees and visitors. We support our employees with disabilities, which is also reflected in the above-average employment quota of employees with disabilities. Among other things, we offer our employees courses in sign language and sign language interpreters accompany our scientific seminars. IZW’s official working language are both German and English. The IZW provides German courses for our international employees and English courses for our German employees aiming at a working environment without language barriers.

In addition to flexible working hours and wide-ranging, individually tailored options for mobile working, many other measures help to bring work, family and any other challenges into a work-life balance. These include the health management system established in 2019, which can for example help employees reintegrate after serious illnesses according to their personal needs.


Diversity representative

Dr. Andreas Wilting

Tel: +49(0)30 5168-333

E-Mail: wilting@izw-berlin.de


Representative of employees with disabilities

Sven Kühlmann

Tel: +49(0)30 5168-460

E-Mail: kuehlmann@izw-berlin.de