Genome resource bank ARCHE

The Genome resource bank ARCHE is a collection of more than 6,000 samples from over 500 wildlife species. It has been systematically expanded since 1998. The collection harbours mostly tissue and blood samples. In addition, we collect other samples such as feathers and hair. The ARCHE is a reference data collection for our research and is also used in forensic investigations. Furthermore, it serves as a repository for wild animal genera and families. The ARCHE is the basis for our genome sequencing projects. The ARCHE is also available to external research institutions within the framework of cooperation agreements.

In addition to the ARCHE, the Leibniz-IZW has stored more than 600 tissue, blood and serum samples of wild animals from European zoos in an “EAZA biobank” since 2016. This bank makes a significant contribution to population management within the framework of breeding programmes in European zoos.


Prof Dr Jörns Fickel
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