International Berlin Bat Meeting

The International Berlin Bat Meeting is organised by the Leibniz-IZW every one to three years. The conference focuses on current aspects of bat research and conservation of bats. It aims to promote an exchange of ideas between bat researchers, ecologists and conservationists, but also economists and social scientists, in order to highlight the importance of bats in ecosystems, to reduce human-wildlife conflicts and to develop, evaluate and strengthen measures for the conservation of bats.


Upcoming event:

Currently no scheduled events.


Past events:

6th International Berlin Bat Meeting: The human perspective on bats (22nd - 24th March 2021, online)

Programme 2021 for Download (225 KB)


5th International Berlin Bat Meeting: Are Bats Special? (24th – 26th February 2017, Berlin, Germany)

Programme 2017 for Download (2,7 MB)

Conference Proceedings 2017 for Download (2,7 MB)


4th International Berlin Bat Meeting: Movement Ecology of Bats (13th – 15th March 2015, Berlin, Germany)

Programme 2015 for Download (3,4 MB)

Conference Proceedings 2015 for Download (1,6 MB)

Extended Conference Proceedings 2015 for Download (844 KB)


3rd International Berlin Bat Meeting: Bats in the Anthropocene (1st – 3rd March 2013, Berlin, Germany)

Programme 2013 for Download (264 KB)

Conference Proceedings 2013 for Download (1,5 MB)