Leibniz-IZW PhD Symposium

The Leibniz-IZW PhD Symposium is organised by the PhD students of the Leibniz-IZW every two years. The aim of the symposium is to bring together international PhD students from different disciplines in order to promote communication and interdisciplinary exchange. The students are given the opportunity to present their research in an informal setting and to receive direct feedback from colleagues and external experts.

Upcoming events

6th Leibniz-IZW PhD Symposium
13th - 14th September 2023 (Berlin, Germany)

Past events

5th Leibniz-IZW PhD Symposium „Science is also yours: working and communicating with the public“ (26th – 27th September 2019, Berlin, Germany)
Programme 2019 for Download (125 KB)

4th Leibniz-IZW PhD Symposium “What future do we have as scientists? Rethinking scientific publishing and careers” (28th – 29th September 2017, Berlin, Germany)
Programme 2017 for Download (145 KB)

3rd Leibniz-IZW PhD Symposium „Keep it simple! – Science communication” (24th -25th September 2015, Berlin, Germany)