Roshan Guharajan

Elsa Neumann scholarship holder, PhD student, Sabah field coordinator

Department of Ecological Dynamics

Tel: 0049 (0) 30 5168 - 339

Short curriculum vitae

  • 10/2016-present: PhD candidate, ‘Freie Universität Berlin‘ & Leibniz-IZW
  • 05/2016-09/2016: Research assistant, Junior Research Group A. Wilting, Leibniz-IZW
  • 2013-2016: MSc Wildlife Ecology & Management, University of Minnesota, USA; Thesis: Survival strategies of the sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) in the Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
  • 2007-2010: BSc biology, Hardin Simmons University, Abilene, Texas, USA
Research interests
  • Anti-poaching strategies for conservation
  • Large mammal conservation
Selected publications

Asad S, Abrams JF, Guharajan R, Lagan P, Kissing J, Sikui J, Wilting A, Rödel MO (2021): Amphibian responses to conventional and reduced impact logging. FOREST ECOL MANAG 484, 118949. doi:10.1016/J.foreco.2021.118949

Asad S, Abrams JF, Guharajan R, Sikui J, Wilting A, Rödel MO (2020): Stream amphibian detectability and habitat associations in a reduced impact logging concession in Malaysian Borneo. J HERPETOL 54, 385–392. doi:10.1670/19-136

Guharajan R, et al. (2018): Survival strategies of a frugivore, the sun bear, in a forest-oil palm landscape. BIODIVERS CONSERV 27(14), 3657–3677. doi:10.1177/1940082916683523

Guharajan R, et al. (2017): Does the Vulnerable sun bear Helarctos malayanus damage crops and threaten people in oil palm plantations? ORYX 53 (4), 611-619. doi:10.1017/S0030605317001089