Science management

The unit Science Management was established in 2018 in order to bundle the Leibniz-IZW’s activities in science management, public relations, knowledge and technology transfer, citizen science and conference organisation.

The research of the Leibniz-IZW towards understanding and improving adaptability of wildlife comprises the development of novel concepts and methods for conservation. These will only reach practical application when 1) research questions are developed from a perspective that integrates scientific curiosity with societal demands, 2) scientists and stakeholders see implementation of research results into practice as a common task, and 3) the general public is well-informed and supports scientific solutions to pressing problems. To achieve this, research results need to be translated in a fashion tailored to the needs and expectations of different recipients: the general public, specific target groups, the scientific community, and stakeholders (i.e., groups or organisations with a particular interest in the respective topic).

Members of the section Science Management take a coordinated approach in order to support scientists in disseminating their results into the scientific community and to societal actors.

Staff members


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Dr. Brandt, Miriam Leiterin Wissenschaftsmanagement Tel: 109
Tel: 315

Knoblauch, Cora


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Lenz, Stefanie
Tel: 459
Mpinou, Evangelia Layla
Tel: 127
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Schumann, Anke

Koordinatorin Verbundprojekt VideT
Tel: 426
Zwilling, Jan Wissenschaftskommunikation, Forschungsinformationssystem
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