Scientific Event Series

The Leibniz-IZW regularly organises international conferences, workshops, summer schools, seminars and other events for the national and international scientific community. Scientists, students and PhD students from all over the world meet at these events to present the latest research developments in behavioural biology, ecology, evolution, genetics, conservation, as well as zoo and wildlife medicine within an interdisciplinary context and/or to learn about new research methods and techniques.

The main series of large conferences hosted by the Leibniz-IZW are the “International Berlin Bat Meeting”, the “Meeting on Evidence-based Conservation in Bats”, the "International Bat Research Online Symposium" as well as the conference “Wildlife Research and Conservation” (successor of the "International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife"). Until 2019, the Leibniz-IZW also organised the “Zoo and Wildlife Health Conference”. This conference will be continued soon with a new concept.

To promote young scientists the IZW organises:

On a regular basis, the institute also offers IZW seminars on current topics in zoo and wildlife research and nature conservation.

Upcoming events

5th International Summer School on Stable Isotopes in Animal Ecology (19th - 23rd September 2022, online)

2nd International Bat Research Online Symposium (24th - 25th January 2023, online)

Past events

Here you can access our event archive.


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