Department of Evolutionary Genetics: Staff

Name, Working group Position phone: +49 (0) 30 5168 -
Prof. Dr. Jörns Fickel Deputy director and Head of department at IZW,
Chair of Molecular Ecology and Evolution at University of Potsdam
phone: 314
Constanze Wiechert Department assistant phone: 336
Phylogeography, Wildlife Forensics
Prof. Dr. Jörns Fickel Team leader phone: 314
Anke Schmidt Technical assistant, Chief assistant,
Training officer for laboratory assistants
phone: 711
Thanh Van Nguyen PhD student, University of Potsdam phone: 339
Trait selection and Domestication, Wildlife Forensics
Prof. Dr. Arne Ludwig Team leader,
Professor at HU Berlin
phone: 312
Dietmar Lieckfeldt Scientific technician phone: 711
Olga Malysheva Scientist phone: 334
Evolutionary and Conservation Genomics
Dr. Camila Mazzoni Team leader at IZW and BeGenDiv phone: 315
phone: 030/83859961
Dr. Larissa Souza Arantes PostDoc, Scientist, BeGenDiv phone: 315
phone: 030/83859961
Maximilian Driller PhD student, FU Berlin, BeGenDiv phone: 315
phone: 030/83850109
Tomás Carrasco Valenzuela PhD student, University of Potsdam, BeGenDiv phone: 030/83850109
Jacqui Johnson MSc student, BeGenDiv  
Luisa Marins MSc student, BeGenDiv  
James Sullivan MSc student, BeGenDiv  
Conservation Genomics
Dr. Daniel Förster Team leader phone: 311
Lorena Derezanin PhD student phone: 337
Cristóbal Valenzuela Turner PhD student phone: 334
Wildlife Epigenetics
Dr. Alexandra Weyrich Team leader (ext.)
Susanne Auls Technical assistant phone: 711
Colin Vullioud Datascientist
Lena Ruf MSc Student, University of Potsdam phone: 338
Selma Yasar MSc Student, University of Potsdam phone: 338
Nick Mewes MSc Student, University of Potsdam phone: 338
Modelling life history evolution
Dr. Alexandre Courtiol Team leader phone: 331
Dr. Liam Bailey PostDoc, Scientist, DFG own position phone: 331
Dorina Meneghini Scientist, Bioinformatician phone: 340
EAZA BioBank
Prof. Dr. Jörns Fickel Hub leader (EAZA BioBank Working Group) phone: 314
Anke Schmidt Curator of EAZA BioBank (IZW-hub), curator of ARCHE collection phone: 711

Last updated on June, 16th, 2022