Andrew Tilker

PhD student

Department of Ecological Dynamics


External positions: Asian Species Officer, Global Wildlife Conservation GWC,
Member of four IUCN Specialist Groups: Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group (Saola Working Group), Lagomorph Specialist Group, Small Carnivore Specialists Group, Deer Specialist Group.

Short curriculum vitae

  • 10/2019-present: Asian Species Officer, Gobal Wildlife Conservation GWC, Texas, USA
  • 6/2014 -present: PhD candidate, ‚Freie Universität Berlin FUB‘ & Leibniz-IZW. Thesis: Assessing defaunation in the central Annamites of Vietnam and Laos.
  • 8/2014: MSC Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Texas, Austin, USA. Thesis: Estimating site occupancy for four threatened mammals in southeastern Laos
Research interests
  • Conservation of threatened mammals in Southeast Asia
  • Systematic biodiversity surveys for robust monitoring
Selected publications

Nguyen AT, Tilker A, Nguyen TV, Le M (2021): Camera-trap records of muntjac in the lowlands of Hue Saola Nature Reserve, central Vietnam. DEER SPECIALIST GROUP NEWSLETTER 32, 37–47.

Nguyen TV, Tilker A, Nguyen A, Hörig L, Axtner J, Schmidt A, Le M, Nguyen AHQ, Rawson BM, Wilting A, Fickel J (in press). Using terrestrial leeches to assess the genetic diversity of an elusive species: The Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi. EDNA. doi:10.1002/edn3.182

Tilker A, Abrams JF, Nguyen A, Hörig L, Axtner J, Louvrier J, Rawson BM, Nguyen HAQ, Guegan F, Nguyen TV, Le M, Sollmann R, Wilting A (2020): Identifying conservation priorities in a defaunated tropical biodiversity hotspot. DIVERS DISTRIB 26, 426–440. doi:10.1111/ddi.13029

Tilker A, Nguyen A, Abrams JF, Bhagwat T, Le M, Nguyen TV, Nguyen AT, Niedballa J, Sollmann R, Wilting A (2020): A little-known endemic caught in the South-east Asian extinction crisis: the Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi. ORYX 54, 178–187. doi:10.1017/S0030605318000534

Tilker A, Nguyen A, Timmins RJ, Gray TNE (2020): No longer data deficient: recategorizing the Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi as endangered. ORYX 54, 151–153. doi:10.1017/S0030605319001078

Tilker A, Abrams JF, Mohamed A, Nguyen A, Wong ST, Sollmann R, Niedballa J, Bhagwat T, Gray TNE, Rawson BM, Guegan F, Kissing J, Wegmann M, Wilting A (2019): Habitat degradation and indiscriminate hunting differentially impact faunal communities in the Southeast Asian tropical biodiversity hotspot. COMMUN BIOL 2, 396. doi:10.1038/s42003-019-0640-y

Nguyen A, Tran VB, Huang MD, Nguyen TAM, Nguyen DT, Tran VT, Long B, Meijaard E, Holland J, Wilting A, Tilker A (2019): Camera-trap evidence that the silver-backed chevrotain Tragulus versicolor remains in the wild in Vietnam. NAT ECOL EVOL 3, 1650–1654. doi:10.1038/s41559-019-1027-7

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Tilker A, Long B, Gray TNE, Robichaud W, Van Nogoc T, Linh, NV, Hoilland J, Shurter S, Comizzoli P, Thomas P, Ratajszczak R, Burton J (2017): Saving the saola from extinction. SCIENCE 357, 1248. doi:10.1126/science.aap9591 (Science Letters; Sills J [Ed]).

Gray TN, et al. (2014): Recent camera-trap records of Owston’s Civet Chrotogale owstoni and other small carnivores from Xe Sap National Protected Area, southern Lao PDR. Small Carnivore Conservation, 51, 29-33.