Anja Luckner

Technical assistant

Department of Evolutionary Ecology

Tel: 0049 (0) 30 5168 - 519

  • Labequipment: 3 Delta V Advantage coupled with 4 different Peripheries.
  • Measurements of d2H and d18O with HTO (High Temperature Oven) and TCEA in fur and feathers, d13C and d15N with Flash EA in fur, feather and tissue samples and CO2 in Animal breath with GasBench and Los Gatos Instrument, Watersamples with Picarro Liquid Laser Analyser
  • Repairing and maintenance
Selected publications

Voigt, C.C., Schneeberger, K., Luckner, A. (2013): Ecological and dietary correlates of stable hydrogen isotope ratios in fur and body water of syntopical tropical bats. Ecology 94: 346-355.

Popa-Lisseanu A.G., Soergel, K., Luckner, A., Wassenaar, L.I., Ibáñez, C., Ciechanowski, M., Görföl, T., Niermann, I., Beuneux, G., Myslajek, R., Juste, J., Fonderflick, J., Kramer-Schadt, S., Kelm, D.H., Voigt, C.C. (2012): A triple isotope approach to predict breeding origins of European bats. PLoS ONE 7: e38083