Dr. Pierfrancesco Biasetti


Department of Reproduction Management

E-Mail: biasetti@izw-berlin.de

Short curriculum vitae

  • Master's degree in Philosophy (Pisa University, 2008).
  • PhD in Theoretical and Practical Philosophy (Padua University, 2012).
  • Post-doc fellow (Padua University, 2013-2015).
  • Member of Padua University Ethics Laboratory for Veterinary Medicine, Conservation, and Animal Welfare (since 2015)
  • National Academic Qualification as Associate Professor in Moral Philosophy (MIUR, 2018)
Research interests
  • Ethical Review processes of conservation projects
  • Conservation ethics conflicts analysis, values clarification, ethical assessment
  • Ethical grounds for conservation interventions
  • Ethical and theoretical aspects in conservation of biodiversity
Selected publications

Biasetti P, de Mori B (2021). The Ethical Matrix as a Tool for Decision-Making Process in Conservation. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 9, 110.

Hildebrandt TB, Holtze S, Biasetti P, Colleoni S, de Mori B, Diecke S, Göritz F, Hayashi K, Hayashi M, Hermes R, Kariuki L, Lazzari G, Mijele D, Mutisya S, Ndeereh D, Ngulu S, Seet S, Zwilling J, Zywitza V, Stejskal J, Galli C. (2021). Conservation Research in Times of COVID-19–The Rescue of the Northern White Rhino. J APPL ANIM ETH RES. 20,1–22. doi:10.1163/25889567-BJA10009

de Mori B, Spiriti MM, Pollastri I, Normando S, Biasetti P, Florio D, Andreucci F, Colleoni S, Galli C, Göritz F, Hermes R, Holtze S, Lazzari G, Seet S, Zwilling J, Stejskal J, Mutisya S, Ndeereh D, Ngulu S, Vigne R, Hildebrandt TB.  (2021). An Ethical Assessment Tool (ETHAS) to Evaluate the Application of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Mammals’ Conservation: The Case of the Northern White Rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum cottoni). ANIMALS. 11, 312. doi:10.3390/ani11020312

2019: Le matrici etiche nella conservazione della biodiversità (Ethical Matrix in Biodiversity Conservation). «Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics» XXI-1 (with Barbara de Mori).

2016: La forza del lupo è il branco, la forza del branco è il lupo: la teoria darwiniana del senso morale tra interesse individuale e spinta universale (The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf: Darwin's Theory of Moral Sense Between Personal Interest and Universal Thrust). In Civello, Andrea (ed.), Società, Natura, Storia. Pisa: ETS.

2016: A Framework of Values: Reasons for Conserving Biodiversity and Natural Environments. «Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics», XVIII-3 (with Barbara de Mori).

2015: Infinite Regress and Hohfeld: A Comment on Hillel Steiner's “Directed Duties and Inalienable Rights”. «Ethics», October 126-1.

2015: From Beauty to Love: A Kantian Way to Environmental Moral Theory?. «Environmental Philosophy», 12-2.

2015: Apprezzare l'ambiente naturale come “altro da sé” (Praising the natural environment as the Other). «Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics» XVII-3. (with Barbara de Mori).