Thanh Van Nguyen

Doctoral student

Department of Evolutionary Genetics,

Department of Ecological Dynamics

Tel: 0049 (0) 30 5168 - 520

External positions: Associated Scientist at Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC),
Member of two IUCN Specialist Groups: Lagomorph Specialist Group, Small Carnivore Specialists Group

Short curriculum vitae

  • 02/2017-present: PhD student at Potsdam University & Leibniz-IZW; thesis: Phylogeography of Annamite species

  • 12/2015-present: Research associate at Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies CRES, Hanoi, Vietnam

  • 08/2015-10/2015: Intern Leibniz-IZW

  • 07/2012-12/2015: MSc biology, Hanoi University, Vietnam, thesis: Phylogentic analysis of muntjacs

  • 09/2008-06/2012: BSc biology, Hanoi University, Vietnam; thesis: phylogentic analysis of muntjacs

Research interests
  • Phylogeography
  • Occupancy modelling
Selected publications

Nguyen TV, Tilker A, Nguyen A, Hörig L, Axtner J, Schmidt A, Le M, Nguyen AHQ, Rawson BM, Wilting A, Fickel J (im Druck). Using terrestrial leeches to assess the genetic diversity of an elusive species: The Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi. EDNA. doi:10.1002/edn3.182

Tilker A, Abrams JF, Nguyen A, Hörig L, Axtner J, Louvrier J, Rawson BM, Nguyen HAQ, Guegan F, Nguyen TV, Le M, Sollmann R, Wilting A (2020): Identifying conservation priorities in a defaunated tropical biodiversity hotspot. DIVERS DISTRIB 26, 426–440. doi:10.1111/ddi.13029

Tilker A, Nguyen A, Abrams JF, Bhagwat T, Le M, Nguyen TV, Nguyen AT, Niedballa J, Sollmann R, Wilting A (2020): A little-known endemic caught in the South-east Asian extinction crisis: the Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi. ORYX 54, 178–187. doi:10.1017/S0030605318000534

Martins RF, Fickel J, Le M, Nguyen TV, Nguyen HM, Timmins R, Gan HM, Rovie-Ryan JJ, Lenz D, Förster DW, Wilting A (2017): Phylogeography of red muntjacs reveals three distinct mitochondrial lineages. BMC EVOL BIOL 17, 34. doi:10.1186/s12862-017-0888-0

Le M, Peñaloza F, Martins R, Nguyen TV, Nguyen HM, Nguyen DX, Nguyen LD, Wilting A (2016): Complete mitochondrial genomes of the Laotian Rock Rat (Laonastes aenigmamus) confirm deep divergence within the species. MITOCHONDR DNA B 1, 479-482. doi:10.1080/23802359.2016.1186520

Le M, Nguyen HM, Duong HT, Nguyen TV, Dinh LD, Nguyen NX, Nguyen LD, Dinh TH, Nguyen DX (2015): Phylogeography of the Laotian Rock Rat (Diatomyidae: Laonastes): Implications for Lazarus Taxa. MAMM STUDY 40, 109-114. doi:10.3106/041.040.0206

Le M, Nguyen TV, Duong HT, Nguyen HM, Dinh LD, Do T, Nguyen HD, Amato G (2014): Discovery of the Roosevelt’s Barking Deer (Muntiacus rooseveltorum) in Vietnam. CONSERV GENET 15, 993–999. doi:10.1007/s10592-014-0581-4

Last updated on April, 16th 2021.