Mitarbeiter/Staff member


Ivan Palmegiani

Doktorant/ PhD student

Evolutionäre Ökologie / Evolutionary Ecology

Leibniz-Institut für Zoo- und Wildtierforschung (IZW)
im Forschungsverbund Berlin e.V.
Alfred-Kowalke-Straße 17
10315 Berlin

Tel:       0049 (0) 30 5168 527
Curriculum Vitae
Forschungsschwerpunkte / Research Foci
  • My goal is studying the ecology of large carnivores in an increasingly human dominated environment in order to create the framework necessary to develop effective management and conservation plans for the species. My interest is not restricted to any particular species nor environment. My scientific curiosity ranges from the practical matters investigated in applied ecology to the general theories proposed in evolutionary ecology.

    Currently, I’m focused on the reproductive ecology of cheetahs on the Namibian farmlands. In particular, I aim to comprehend the poorly known individual spatial patterns associated to reproduction in order to disclose the peculiar mating system observed in the cheetah.