Arjun Dheer


Abteilung für Evolutionäre Ökologie

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  • B.S. University of Maryland, College Park (2013)
  • M.Res. University of Southampton (2016)
  • Ph.D. Leibniz Institute for Zoo & Wildlife Research and Freie Universität Berlin (voraussichtlich 2020)

Präsentationen, Vorträge, Workshops

  • Dheer, A. (2012, May 1). “Potential utility of the Grant’s gazelle (Nanger granti) as an ecological bio-indicator for habitat quality.” Presented at School for Field Studies workshop with local community stakeholders, Kimana, Kenya.
  • Dheer, A. (2016, May 5). “Resource partitioning between spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) and lions (Panthera leo).” Presented at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy community stakeholder meeting, Isiolo, Kenya.
  • Dheer, A. (2016, August 1), “Resource partitioning between spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) and lions (Panthera leo).” Presented as part of M.Res. degree requirements at University of Southampton, Southampton, UK.
  • Dheer, A. (2018, June 18). “Management of spotted hyenas in Ngorongoro Conservation Area.” Presented at Large Carnivore Conservation Workshop for Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, Karatu, Tanzania.
  • Dheer, A. (2019, February 13 & 2019, October 8). “Ngorongoro Hyena Project: ecology, evolution, and conservation of a keystone large carnivore.” Presented as a guest lecturer to School for Field Studies students and staff, Rhotia, Tanzania.
  • Dheer, A. (2019, June 7-12). “IUCN Hyaena Specialist Group Workshop”. Attended and participated in workshop with other scientists researching Hyaenidae species. Ongava Research Centre, Namibia.
  • Dheer, A. (2019, June 9). “Adaptability of spotted hyenas to anthropogenic change and human carnivore-conflict”. Presented PhD project outline to other members of IUCN Hyaena Specialist Group at workshop. Ongava Research Centre, Namibia.
  • Dheer, A. (2019, September 26). “Social media as a tool for early career scientists”. Led workshop at 2019 IZW PhD Student Symposium, Berlin, Germany.
  • Dheer, A., Straka, T., Jacobs, M., & Höner, O. (2019, October 1). “Maasai-carnivore interactions in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania”. Talk given at 2019 Wildlife Research Conference, Berlin, Germany.

Soziale Medien

  • Twitter: @ArjDheer, @HyenaProject
  • Instagram: @ArjDheer, @HyaenaSpecialistGroup
  • YouTube: HyenaProject


  • English (native)
  • Hindi, KiSwahili, German (beginner)
  • Raubtier-Beute Interaktion
  • Intraguild interactions
  • Mensch-Wildtier-Konflikt
  • Sexuelle Selektion
  • Anpassungsfähigkeit von Wildtieren an anthropogene Aktivitäten
Ausgewählte Publikationen

Davidson, Z., Dupuis-Desormeaux, M., Dheer, A., Pratt, P., Doncaster, P., Chege, G., Mwololo, M., and MacDonald, S. (2019, October 15). Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul: Managing Threatened Predators of Endangered, Declining Prey Species. PeerJ. DOI: 10.7717/peerj.7916.

Dheer, A. (2016). Resource partitioning between spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) and lions (Panthera leo) (Master‘s thesis, University of Southampton).

Dheer, A., Davidson, Z., Doncaster, C.P., Dupuis-Desormeaux, M., MacDonald, S., Chege, G., and Mwololo, M. (2016). Resource partitioning between spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) and lions (Panthera leo). Poster presented at the EAZA Annual Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland and the 11th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology, and Genetics of Wildlife, Berlin, Germany. 

Montero-Mendieta, S., and Dheer, A. (2019, January 8). Digest: Resolving phylogenomic conflicts in characiform fishes. Evolution. DOI: 10.1111/evo.13666.